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THE PROJECT: Discover The World of Tomorrow

The purpose of the Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) Asia event was to inspire innovative solutions to address the complex difficulties posed by the energy-water-food nexus in the Philippines and across Asia. 



COLLABORATION WORK with Imagination Singapore and UK. (a Global Brand Experience Agency of Shell). We were their local project logistics support agency in the Philippines. 


We provided support in project & client management, government compliance assistance, sourcing local suppliers, build, production, and logistics support for the Philippine leg. Also, we deployed a workforce in building and dismantling the temporary structures for the project.


To make this event possible - the SEMA team deployed a workforce of more than 300 crew from different nations to build and manage the Shell Energy Lab, Race Track, Paddocks, temporary footbridge, and other structures necessary for the event. Some of the local suppliers who were on board were: Stage Riggers, Stage Craft, Centrex, Exists Exhibit Designs and FrontRow, 


Our team provided about 80 crew on the ground for the project. Aside from the ground support in the build and traffic management, some of our team members handled key roles as -  the Paddocks Manager, Student Liasion officers, Media Center Manager, Office Managers, Event Compliance Liaisons, and HSSE Assistants.

The project started on a clean canvas on a vast green field area in Luneta. After three months of build & preparation, the Shell Eco-marathon was a big success with thousands of km to the liter run by the vehicle prototypes and a rich legacy for the future of energy in Asia. Eight hundred (800) engineering students excelled in their first street circuit in Asia, and the comments from all stakeholders and visitors were highly positive.

Watch the video to see how the team transformed the site into a memorable Shell Eco-Marathon experience. 



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